Saturday, May 05, 2012

"Slaughter Nick For President" - The Sequel

A couple of years ago, I wrote about an amazing Canadian story. The kind of story no screenwriter would waste his time on because it was far too far fetched to be believed.

Only, it's true.

The kind of true story nobody in Canadian broadcasting would also be comfortable with programming because -- well, it's not only an astonishing Canadian story but in addition to the central tale, it reveals too many truths about the Canadian film and TV business.

But now that story has been told despite those roadblocks. Told by the people who lived it and had it change their lives.

It's the story of a Canadian actor who saved another country from a brutal dictatorship -- and without firing a shot or even messing up his hair.

You can read the gist of it here.

Or you can hurry out and buy a ticket for "Slaughter Nick For President" when it debuts at the Northby Northeast Festivals and Conference (NXNE) which runs from June 11 - 17 in Toronto. Further info here

It's a Canadian story that simply can't remain untold.


Anonymous said...

I was fascinated by this the first time you wrote about it. Do you think the filmmaker would be open to having it shown at a college international film week?

Your Regular Anonymous

jimhenshaw said...

Regular Anonymous,

I'm sure the filmmaker would be thrilled. Send me your info at the email address on the bar across the top of this page and I'll pass it on.

Or -- have somebody else do it, if you want to retain your regular anonymity...


Rusty James said...

Shame this clip is not as compelling as the first one you blogged about.