Thursday, July 19, 2012

Desert Pete’s Pick Of The Week: 8mm

Last week, I waxed poetic about the need to start funding the entertainment I want to see because fewer legit places are apparently interested in making any of it.

As a credit to my producing acumen, the first selection “No-No: A Dockumentary” secured more than its required funding a couple of days later. And another film project I recommended a while ago “Be Here Now” also reached its goal and will soon be released.

Can I pick ‘em or what?

If CBC were to put me in charge of their programming, we’d probably not only see double digit increases in their ratings, but the shows would be run by full time Canadians who actually support the corporation with their taxes and viewership.

But they, in their wisdom, have chosen a different path. One in which their situation will only deteriorate as they lose the support of yet another community they could’ve hired but didn’t.

Shit like that happens. I need only point out what befell the Maple Leafs after they neglected to draft me back in the late 60’s.

But this week, I want to turn your attention to music and a great band out of LA that could use a few bucks.

Even if you haven’t heard of “8mm”, I’m fairly certain you’ve heard them.

“8mm” is the creation of Sean Beaven (formerly of “Marilyn Manson” and “Nine Inch Nails”) and his wife Juliette. They’ve toured extensively and released two albums with songs that have been featured in episodes of “One Tree Hill”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Dirt” and “Moonlight” as well as the brangelina feature “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”.

“Wait!” I can hear you cry. “Those guys are making big money, why do they need any of mine?” -- which is understandable but misses the point.

You crowd fund not only to support artists who do stuff you like but to make sure they don’t have to sign some soul destroying contract binding them to a corporate machine that wants to digital lock everything so you’ll pay through the nose for just a quick listen of what feeds your soul – or sets you dancing.

And let’s not forget that one successful band gives music companies enough scratch to ass rape a dozen struggling upstarts and deprive them of their own dreams, while pressuring the band making money to write songs for douche bags like Loud Finesse.

You’re doing more than “8mm” a favor here. You’re saving the world from jackasses!

“8mm” is looking for $30,000 to tour behind their new album “Between the Devil and Two Black Hearts” and whether or not that tour brings them to your hometown, you’ll still enjoy the benefits of their reaching their goal.

Pledging $25 not only begats a digital download of the new album (plus bonus tracks) but a limited edition CD and art booklet. Kick in more and we’re talking T-shirts, stickers, autographed Polaroids, even a Skype session with the band’s manager to get advice on making your own group more successful.

Maybe CBC could chip in at that level since the band and their manager know lots of Canadians already working in Hollywood because the taxpayer funded network wouldn’t give them the time of day when they were working here.

But let’s save that rant for the coming days. You can prime Desert Pete’s pump for “8mm” here. And here’s a taste of what you could be hearing live.

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