Tuesday, January 08, 2013

I’m Just Sayin’…

CES (The Consumer Electronics Show) debuts today in Las Vegas and gadget sites are already giddy with all the new toys about to hit the marketplace.

Lexus has a new self-driving car. Samsung is introducing a fridge that keeps your grocery list up to date. Lenovo will roll out a coffee table sized tablet that up to four people can use at once.

But the early hit of the show seems to be a Panasonic Smart TV device called “My Home Screen” which scans the faces of those in the room and offers programming suggestions based on past viewing habits.

Which may be a product not as completely thought through as the company wants you to believe...

An example:

I invite some friends over to show off my brand new big screen Panasonic Viera.

I turn it on and the app scans the faces in the room –- promptly offering me a wide array of Midget Orgy Porn.

Seriously, Panasonic?

Does Mom really want Dad to know she’s secretly addicted to Ezra Levant? Will Dad suddenly have to explain exactly why he’s been catching every episode of the HBO “Girls” Marathon?

And how do the kids feel about their friends realizing they have absolutely no interest in “Vampire Diaries” or “Buck Wild”?

Not Smart TV at all, Panasonic.

I’m just sayin’…

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Phil Stilman said...

I just heard Samsung is showing a TV that plays 2 different channels at the same time - full screen. Each user wears glasses that filter out their preferred channel. So you can watch football (or midget porn) and she can watch cooking shows, and you can still cuddle. Or not.