Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Happy Canada Day!!!


Canada Day Bucket List:

1. Tim Horton’s (Check)

2. Maple Donut (Check)

3. Put up the Flag (Check)

4. Play some Nickleback for the Neighbors (Check)

5. Throw the Dog in the Ocean (Check)

6. Blue Jays Game (Check + We Won!!!)

7. Get Drunk (Check)

8. Burn Burgers and Weenies (Check)

9. Get Drunker and Sing “Oh Canada” really loud (Check)

10. Set off Explosives in the backyard (Awesomely Accomplished!)

Tomorrow’s checklist will include a meeting with the local constabulary and the Fire Marshal, rounding up the currently scattered neighborhood dogs, a visit to the burn unit –- and considering going on the wagon for a few days.

Other than that…

Best Canada Day Evah!!!

1 comment:

Birgit said...

Poor Dog! This is funny and so true. Love the image with the 2 maple leafs as a bra on the beaver...oh that sounds wrong