Monday, June 06, 2016

Lazy Sunday # 421: 3D Inferno

Writing a blog is a little like being the artistic director of a little theatre company. You can pretty much program to fit your own mood and hope it strikes a chord among those who happen to notice the marquee.

A few weeks ago we tried sharing some virtual reality around here and boy, did that seem to get a lot of people excited.

So today, I'd like to take a small technological step backwards to one of my favorite movie going experiences -- 3D.

Now modern 3D gets a lot of knocks. It's too dark. It's not properly used. I don't care. I probably saw my first 3D film when I was 9 or 10 and loved it.

Remember the first time you saw a Hi-Def hockey game or something in 4K? Well it was like that. You might still be watching the Leafs play the Canucks. But it's better. 

It's more like real life and thus knocks down one more of those subtle reminders that what you're seeing is "only a movie".

Less disbelief has to be willingly suspended -- which, for me, makes the experience far more immersive.

There's a ton of 3D on-line already. There's even a place where you can turn 2D images into Anaglyphs, which is the tech term for a 3D version.

The one drawback with 3D, of course is you need to wear special glasses. If you haven't already scammed a pair from your last visit to the multiplex, there are people who will send you free ones. You can find them here.

Drop them a line and a couple of days later you'll be able to watch what follows. Or clearly make out this image.

And after that, check out the massive libraries of  3D content on Youtube and Vimeo.

Not only is there stuff that feels like you can reach out and touch. There are films that will touch you deeper because they have an added dimension.

Enjoy Your Sunday.

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