Friday, February 16, 2007

Rescuing You From Television's Death Grip

Somebody once told me that the purpose of television was to give people something to masturbate to so they could fall asleep and not hear the raccoons going through the trash outside their trailer.

I used to think that was a joke, but it's making more sense all the time.

The major networks spend their seasons retooling formats, finding new islands to drop survivors on or hiring hot models to hold briefcases. The list of pilots for 2007-2008 reads less like an attempt to lasso an ever elusive audience and more an exercise in how many ways can you make "CSI" without using those specific letters in the title.

TV in Canada? They're still trying to decide who should pay to make something.

Perhaps most dishearteningly, the networks you depended on to tell you what's happening in the world would rather endlessly discuss who might end up with Anna Nicole Smith's rotting corpse.

But there is a light in this darkness. A new player arrived a week ago and is already slamming them right out of the park.

If what you see below does not shake you to your core, prove what the web can do that TV can but does not and have you phoning your local MP, congressman and anybody else who cares to scream about both the state of the world and what the media is denying us, then I have seriously underestimated the intelligence I've found in this blog community.

This film is also the work of Canadians Shane Smith and Eddie Moretti and should have the locals asking why they're not the most familiar faces on Newsworld or Newsnet.

A link follows the video. Brace yourself. This is the future.

VBS.TV can be found here.


Kelly J. Compeau said...

Wow. That's really scary.

KJC (who once thought that 24's plots were getting waaay out there)

Bill Cunningham said...

I'm having problems loading the video...

but I am intrigued. I'll keep trying.

Riddley Walker said...