Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Within show business, especially Canadian show business, and most especially within the briefs submitted to regulators by established production companies and broadcasters, it's fashionable to bemoan the difficulties of making a profit.

Audiences and box office numbers are always fickle, the landscape is always changing, somehow befuddling the media conglomerates and the journalists who write for their newspapers and magazines as to how movie and television shows will ever survive let alone meet the outrageous demands of those who create the entertainment being marketed.

"Can't these people just be happy doing what they love? How many of us are that lucky?"

So, on a day when Tom Hanks and his producing partners launch a lawsuit against a distributor who is claiming "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" still hasn't made a profit...

Budget: $5 Million
Prints and Advertising: $19 Million
Worldwide Gross: $354 Million
Funds remitted to partners: $0

...please give a listen to voices within the industry you've probably never heard, clearly explaining how the corporate spin works. If they'll fuck Tom Hanks, what do you think they're doing to people without a publicist.


Tom said...

This kind of information is especially irritating when you hear conservative/Christian Right/Fox News types talk about how box office receipts are down because America is rejecting liberal-Hollywood. It's like their level of wrongness exists in multiple dimensions.

To someone who makes his money in this business, are these "not yet profitable" claims so ballsy you have to respect the people that make them, or so galling that you hate them like poison?
As someone who hopes to someday make his money there, I'm torn.

jimhenshaw said...

An interesting question, Tom. I think there's an initial grudging respect for the Hutzpah or creativity involved in deceiving business partners. As you mature in the business, that is replaced by gall, then a blanket disrespect. Sometimes I think the "age-ism" many in Hollywood complain about is based on the realization that most artists over 35 simply can't be fooled anymore.

Riddley Walker said...

Jim, I still reel out your tale of ‘going out to the office of the registered accountants’ on that one job. Always gets the same mixture of combined laughter and horror from the listener.

Anonymous said...

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