Thursday, November 15, 2007


I've been overwhelmed by the response to my last post on ways you might help the members of the WGA. Thanks especially to Denis McGrath, a guy who'll have his own WGA card real soon, Will Dixon, fellow Canadian WGA member and also enlightened network executive, as well as the WGA gang at United Hollywood for helping get the message out.

A shout out also to the couple of "Anonymous" Goons who wrote to threaten that I'd never work again. Start hoping you aren't employed by those I'll be taking with me the day that happens, you dickless wonders!

Originally, the United Hollywood folks also felt I was being a little extreme. In the pureness of their mission and the early glow of solidarity that bathes any righteous strike, they hold onto the hope that "Good will triumph" just like it always does in the movies.

But having been through a few strikes and having served as a negotiator for the WGC in winning our first Independent Producer contract I learned a lot about how the companies we work for think and operate. Working inside a couple of them taught me much more I wish I'd never had to know about the business.

However, I think our brothers and sisters South of the border are beginning to see the light and more importantly have discovered the weapon that will ultimately help WGA writers, other Hollywood creatives and the crews at IATSE win their deserved share of studio and network profits.

The video posted below now joins the pantheon of internet clips on United Hollywood that have helped 69% of Los Angeles and 63% of the rest of the country begin to understand what's really at stake here.

Imagine what those numbers would be if the media wasn't controlled by the companies we're striking...

Let's hope the Big Media moguls respond before some of these people begin to divest themselves of their corporate holdings or start demanding that the SEC and their government representatives investigate.

Mr. Moonves, Mr. Chernin, Mr. Zucker, Mr. Iger, et al -- get back to the table while you can. And remember -- Multi-million dollar salaries and stock options don't mean much in a place where the currencies are cigarettes and Vaseline.


The Film Diva said...

Thanks for letting me repost your last screed. I love this video. And the funny ones. I've been chatting up my union buddies telling them they need to apply pressure to the jugular a toute de suite.

Writers are not very practical. :-)

The Film Diva said...
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