Saturday, March 01, 2008


Somehow we made it through another trying week in the Canadian film industry. It's tough enough having to work around indifferent broadcasters, incompetent regulators and producers whose self interest surpasses understanding. Now we've got sneaky politicians and religious fanatics to deal with.

The Rapture really can't come soon enough, can it? And if that doesn't finally get some of these crusaders off our case, there's always the chance a UFO might find some of them -- or even some of us -- on a lonely road and transport our problems elsewhere.

C'mon, admit it! Compared with explaining the film business to one more "honorable" member or un-elected Senator, an anal probe isn't such a bad option.

On the other hand, your experience could approximate this snippet of Pixar hilarity, posted as a momentary escape from the frustration and the madness.

Don't lose your sense of humor people. That's what happened to those you're fighting and I think we all know that we can never become like them.

Take heart and enjoy your Sunday.

And if it happens to disappear, you can find it here.

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Ken said...

You run the risk of giving anal probes a bad name.