Wednesday, April 30, 2008


This might be the fastest second round in Stanley Cup History. Montreal, New York and San Jose hangin' by a thread (along with Sean Avery), as the cord has been fully cut in Colorado. The injury riddled Av's didn't have much chance against Detroit and that's sad as it means we may have seen the last of Joe Sakic, one of the best the game has ever had.

Meanwhile in Montreal, Carey Price has gone from hero to zero, sportscasters are realizing they should have spent more time figuring out who's playing in Dallas and the Rangers Sean Avery will spend the rest of his season hitting on nurses instead of opposing players. And I'd like to see a replay because I think Avery's ruptured spleen didn't come from a hit on the ice but from the muggers Gary Bettman probably hired to get him off the sports pages.

By the time Dix gives you the next update on Monday, we could be prepping for the conference finals. Man, if we're headed for a Philly-Dallas showdown, the updates are gonna get awful repetitive around here.

This week's standings feature Callaghan still hangin' by a thread as well.

1 John Callaghan 128
2 Scotty William 126
3 Jeff Martel 125
4 Laurie Nyveen 121
5 Will Pascoe 118
6 Brian Stockton 117
7 Michael Foster 115
8 Juniper 112
9 Denis McGrath 108
9 Mark Askwith 108
11 Peter Allen Rowley 106
12 Will Dixon 102
13 Wil Zmak 97
14 Larry Raskin 96
15 Mark Farrell 92
16 Robert de Lint 73
17 Jim Henshaw 56

And as the NHL once again stalls play to drag this marathon out as long as possible, you might want to spend one of your non-game nights here, where Maxim magazine has Buffalo goalie Ryan Miller doing an insiders blog on the series. It's really well done -- and when Ryan bobbles one, there's always pages of puck bunnies to keep you entertained.

Good luck in the hunt.

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