Sunday, October 19, 2008


If there's one thing those of us who deal in words and language are supposed to understand, it's how much difference a subtle change can make in what you're trying to say. Write the same sentence with alternate words and your intent is crystal clear. Shorten the punchline and you get a bigger laugh. Cut the dialogue altogether and the actor's face is suddenly able to say it all.

Most of the media coverage following this week's Canadian election has been concerned with mauling the entrails, trying to make sense for one group or another of the outcome. Why didn't our leader connect? Why didn't the environmental message get through? Why didn't the young -- or almost anybody else -- turn up to vote?

In our own realm, us Creative types wrestle with the continual frustration of not being able to make people understand the contribution we make to society or its inherent value.

The answers to all these conundrums is simple. You don't need to change the truth of who or what you are. You need to change the way you deliver your message.

Today's offering is a short film from Mexico by Alonso Alvarez Barreda which was deservedly chosen the winner of this year's Cannes Short Film Contest. "The Story of a Sign" is a story we should all take to heart. The secret to making others understand really is this simple.

Enjoy your Sunday.

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Rich Baldwin said...

One reason to sign: the more people who sign, the more it will be obvious that there's a problem affecting a large group.