Sunday, November 16, 2008


Somebody in London once told me that the best way to sense what that city used to look like was to "Look Up".

Apparently, the most extensive changes we make to our urban environments (beyond simply knocking buildings down to make room for new ones) are cosmetic and tend to occur only at street level. So to get the sense of how a historical locale appeared back when it was famous, simply raise your eyes a little above the horizon.

Dutch Graphic Artist Piers Schreuders has taken the process in a different direction in his attempt to recreate the Hollywood streets he saw in American movies.

Employing computer graphics, extensive research, a few detective skills and his own talents as an artist; Schreuders has created an extraordinary glimpse into what it must have been like to be working at the Hal Roach studios during the silent film era and shooting on the streets of Culver City.

His downloadable book on the famous comic studio's most used Main Street location can be found here.

Whether you love exploring the past or simply learning about movie history, this is an enthralling piece of work. Enjoy your Sunday.


james mcgowan said...

Thank you for that. What a fascinating trip back to the past.

Brandon Laraby said...

Wow! That was a very cool trip back into the past. We should be so thankful that people have these kinds of motivations.

Satisfying their own curiosity while educating the rest of us.