Friday, December 05, 2008


They didn't have "time outs" when I was a kid. You just got spanked/yelled at/grounded/whatever and life went on.

We've been through a pretty rancorous week in this country. Not quite Brother on Brother stuff, but friendships have been strained, trust fractured and feelings definitely hurt. And much as I'm no fan of the Monarchy, I'm kinda glad the Queen had a local BFF who sorted through all the arguments and hate mail yesterday and said, "Okay, let's everybody take a minute to calm down."

I believe her instructions could be expanded to read, "Catch up on your Christmas shopping. Send those cards and letters. Sit down with the family and pass around a little turkey. Drink too much and eat too much and maybe -- just maybe -- some of that 'Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men' thing might sink in as you realize just what a special country you live in."

No matter where you stand on the issues, I don't think anything is accomplished by attending rallies and marches and continuing to stir the pot. Sometimes you just need to let things simmer for a bit so the true nature of what you're cooking can be determined.

"Hey, maybe all we need is a little less betrayal of principles!"

Most of all, I really hope the Main Stream Media stops banging the regional drum. Honest to God, have you ever seen so many people reach for the played out old tapes so quick? I'm becoming convinced the MSM think Quebec is some hot exotic dancer who'll walk out of the VIP room the minute the country runs out of $20 bills, while the West is one big oil-rich doofus Jethro Clampett.

So, why don't we use this time-out wisely. Skip the rallies and do your Christmas shopping. Buy that Grit or Tory you apparently despise a tall cold one and talk to him likes he's that best friend who's about to screw up a pretty good marriage.

And if you'd rather just heckle or kick my ass, I'm center stage for one of those "Drinks with..." sessions INK CANADA hosts around the country tomorrow night.

Fynn's of Temple Bar
489 King Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5V 1K4

Saturday, December 6th. 5pm to 9pm.

I'm mostly there to impart whatever the Ink Interns need from me. But I'm sure we'll end up talking about television, culture and a whole lot of things far more interesting than who gets to call themselves a "Right-Honorable".

And just to be certain you youthful Weisenheimers turn up, I want to make it clear that Karen Walton referred to me as "legendary" in her invitation for a reason.

She said she wouldn't talk about it. But she has. So "It's On!"

For those who can't turn up. Here's a little something to get your laugh track rolling again. If you don't know the "Super Mario Brothers" click through for the rest of their oeuvre. They're a guaranteed smile on the downest of days and this time they're doing Cancon with a message for all of us from our political leaders.


I better go get the cape dry-cleaned.


Trevor B. Cunningham said...

Here, here. Right on. Everyone should take a break from pissing into the wind to convince themselves that it's raining.

kdubb said...


Jim. Effusive bot mot bouquets go here. You are an officer, a gentleman and an ambassador for common sense meets great giggles. I am jealous of the ink-terns, and I hope against hope they rose to the great occasion of your company in TO on Sat with all the enthusiasm befitting our collective admiration & hard-won respect. I owe you several rounds now, for all your kindnesses deserve to be toasted in person. Soon I hope.

CAROLINE said...

Sorry I missed it ... weather and taxis were uncooperative. Rain cheque?