Friday, May 22, 2009


Thank God it’s Friday and I can finally talk about something important. The Hockey Pool…

The Third Round -- always the toughest because everybody’s tired, everybody’s hurt and the thought of being this close to the final showdown makes every tiny error seem like a career ender – looks like it might be shaping up to be a short one.

Home teams have ruled so far with Detroit taking the kids from Chicago to school and Pittsburgh living up to Sidney Crosby’s pre-season pledge to “…never be in this photograph again”.

Part of Pittsburgh’s secret would seem to be Evgeni Malkin actually showing up this year. He claims his inspired play is the result of his mom, who has come over from Russia to cook him homemade soup before every game. If mama lugs her pail of Borscht to Raleigh, I fear my Cinderella ‘Canes may be done.

But then, maybe this down home theme will swing to favor the young guns in both series, extending the round and probably helping CBC make up some ratings ground after being hockey-less for a whole week.

Even closer to home, Michael Foster has retaken the lead from last year’s champ, Will Pascoe, with dark horse Moviequill tightening the race. By the time Uncle Willis updates next week, we should know if they’re going to be battling it out the rest of the way or making room for some new blood.

Mama Malkin can you spare a bowl for a half child of the motherland?

1 Michael Foster 165

2 Will Pascoe 163

2 Moviequill 163

4 Brian Stockton 154

5 Mark Wilson 150

6 John Callaghan 149

7 Peter Mitchell 147

8 Barry Keifl 146

9 Allan Eastman 145

10 David Kinahan 144

11 Larry Raskin 142

12 Wil Zmak 122

13 Scotty William 121

14 Will Dixon 117

14 Jim Henshaw 117

16 Jeff Martel 109

17 Daryl Davis 98

18 Denis McGrath 71


Michael F said...

Не обозначьте его возвращением! Я здесь в течение длительного времени. Мать сказала сделать вас обморочным!

Michael F said...

- LL Cool J