Sunday, August 02, 2009


Once in a while, in  a strange town, not knowing the local customs or being able to read the language of the menu, I’ll walk into a restaurant and order a steak.

And then some people look at you like you just took a dump in front of them and allow that they would prefer that you don’t eat other “sentient beings”.

Okay, I get it. I do. I love animals as much as the next guy – probably more. Not so much that I’d dress up the dog in a garter belt and fishnets. But I do appreciate them for what they are.

Animals have their place – and I’m sorry, but sometimes that’s right next to the carrots and potatoes.

If you want to live on beans and cauliflower, good for you, and thanks anyway, but I’ll wait for the next elevator.

There are more ways than one of looking at the world.

Excuse me while I fire up the BBQ. And enjoy your Sunday.

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