Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lazy Sunday #111: Thin Ice

It's finally Spring in this part of the world. That doesn't necessarily mean we're already in T-shirts and tossing back cold ones on the patio. Winter around here can seldom have been confidently dispatched until the end of May.

But the ice and snow are melting and that marks the beginning of all the warnings about thin ice and reminders that if you do fall into some stream or river, you've only got a couple of minutes before hypothermia sets in.

Instead of inspiring care and caution, this is a sign to some of the locals that you'd better get in the last of the winter thrills.

We've already lost a couple of kayakers in my hometown and further West, Spring avalanches are claiming snowmobilers in tragic numbers.

Snowmobiling is a sport that can be hazardous at the best of times. Each winter several of the heavy machines go through lake and river ice, taking riders to a cold and quick end. These things do not float...

Unless you work at it.

The following video was shot just a few miles from my home. The practice illustrated is frowned on and for the most part illegal. But for some Canadians it's the only way to give Winter a final "We beat you again, Big Guy!" before parking the snow horse and launching into whatever warm weather thrills inspire you.

Please don't try this at home. But take a few moments to sample. And Enjoy your Sunday.

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