Monday, June 07, 2010

How Copyright Works in the Real World

Most people's eyes glaze over whenever we creatives try to explain why copyright law based on protecting corporations doesn't really work for us.

I know it's hard. A lot of us get lost as corporate lawyers detail how a lot of people are looking at what you made, but not enough so you get paid.

Well, maybe this will help. It's like this…


jack oatmon said...

I don't think anyone's "eyes glaze over" about copyright debate. My friends have been querying me constantly lately because I follow the new Canadian copyright bills. The CBC has said amongst it's most actively debated stories are those on copyright. Also, "us creatives"?

It;s the age of UGC, man. We're all "creatives."

Anonymous said...

Jack, we may all be "creative" but we're not all "creatives.' That's a big part of the issue.