Sunday, August 01, 2010

Lazy Sunday # 130: Summer Sounds

Summer has always been synonymous with music. Whether you're hanging at the beach, drinking on a patio or just rolling down the highway with all the windows open, there's always a song you'll never forget that epitomizes the warmth, the breeze and the sunshine.

Whatever your musical tastes, Summer is also the time when the greats of your genre coagulate in a festival, an outdoor weekend or a single memorable evening under the stars.

This week it's Caribana in Toronto. Last month it was Jazz in Montreal, Folk Music in Vancouver or Country at the Craven Jamboree. Rolling buffets of great artists that will touch down again and again from one coast to another before Labor Day rolls around.

Is there anything better than dragging your ass home on a Sunday night, sun burned, half drunk and still vibrating to a few hours of the music you love the most?

Time to crank up the volume and enjoy your Sunday.

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