Friday, September 24, 2010

Let's See The Pink!

This final installment of "Worthy Causes Week" here at the Legion will require you to actually get up and do something -- or help out while still sitting at your computer.

pink wings

Because I'm a guy, my chances of getting Breast Cancer are infinitesimally small. But like most guys (maybe more than most) women's breasts are important to me. And the more healthy pairs of them we have bouncing, jiggling or just quietly walking around makes the world a happier place for all of us.

Sunday, October 3rd sees the official kick-off for "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" with the "Run For The Cure". In 56 communities across this country, people will run, walk, bike, board or somehow transit a couple of blocks or several clicks to raise money to fight this disease.

Some will be wearing something pink. Most will pin the name of someone they know who is fighting or once fought the illness on their bodies. All will carry the love for someone they lost to or prays will never have to deal with Breast Cancer.

And they could use your help in one of two ways.

You can either visit the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation here and sign up to participate by running. Or you can click another button on the same site and either donate to the cause or make a pledge to one of the several thousand runners funding their own contributions.

Will Pascoe, a frequent contributor around here will accept your pledge for his run here. Last I checked he was only a few bucks shy of his goal, so you can either set his bar a little higher or link to somebody else who could use a donation.

Since I'm a producer and Will's a writer I should point out that it's always good to push a writer to achieve a little more.

But whether you choose to walk or to click you'll be making a difference.

A good portion of the money raised by this initiative goes toward early detection of the disease because a regular mammogram reduces the Breast Cancer mortality rate by 35%.

A Canada with 35% fewer programming options because the CRTC caves to a Cable monolith that wants to program the same show across all its assets or 35% fewer Canadian films being made might be the kind of bleak future we're looking at here.  But let's not make Life infinitely worse by also having a country where a third of the women fighting Breast Cancer didn't have to be.

Run or click, but do something. As with all worthy causes, taking action might not solve the problem. But it's a start.

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