Thursday, November 25, 2010




Glitchy day at World Headquarters. My apologies to those who barely got started on what was supposed to be today's installment before it evaporated. Maintenance got underway and then I realized it's probably better to take the Halftime break and re-group.

Something my team probably won't have to do on Sunday, but as of today the Vegas Line has them at 4 point favorites. What's up with that? We're always the underdogs, the Cinderella team, the little engines that could!!!

Is this some nefarious plan to jinx us?

Nevermind. Being from God's country, there's already a direct line from the locker room to the Man upstairs.

Herewith "The Rider Prayer":

Our quarterback,who art in Edmonton..
Darian be thy name..
Thy game be done,
Thy will be WON in Commonwealth as it was in Mosiac ...
Give us this day the Grey Cup
and forget about Calgary's whiners, As we forgive all others who can't measure up.
Lead us not into interception and deliver us from Calvillo.
For thine are the Riders with Power and Glory.
Forever and ever

Oh…and forgive us our 13th man
as we forgive those who couldn't count last year.

(H/T Kate at SDA and Noel)

And for those who still don't understand the mentality of the Roughrider fan, a beautiful piece by the Globe & Mail's Stephen Brunt can be found here.

Back tomorrow for the second half.

(And don't forget that the real Grey Cup halftime show will feature the following)

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