Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lazy Sunday # 162: 72 Hours


I'm back from my March Break -- Geez, what did you guys do to the world while I was away?

A civil war in North Africa. Natural disasters in Japan. And the Leafs actually making a legitimate playoff run. The completely unexpected can happen anywhere and anytime, can't it?

And when it does, the sad truth is that few of us know how to respond.

Let's set aside the Leafs for the moment. Because no matter what happens with them, nobody's Life is going to be forever altered. But all of us are potential victims of all kinds of natural and man-made disasters that can arrive without warning.

But we don't have to be. And the difference between being a victim and surviving often comes down to one thing -- being prepared.

In the worlds of disaster relief and survivalists, the same rule applies, "the longer you can remain self-sufficient, the greater chance you have of making it through a catastrophic event alive".

The Survival rule of thumb is 72 hours. That's how long it usually takes from the moment something awful happens until society's emergency systems begin to get it under control. 

During those 72 hours, you're potentially on your own and being prepared to get through them without expecting any assistance is often the difference between Life and death.

Some of us live in places susceptible to earthquakes or violent storms. We've all experienced lengthy power failures. Fires, floods or epidemics can cut any of us off from the goods and services we depend upon.

And all of us have differing needs and responsibilities. We've got kids, pets, elderly relatives, medical conditions and other individual concerns that will require in-place workarounds when whatever Hell breaks around us.

Come what may, you need to be able to hang on without help for at least 72 hours.

The easiest way to do that is by building what's professionally known as an "Emergency Preparedness Kit" and known by most who have one as the "Bug Out" or "Bail Out Bag".

BOB is usually a knapsack, duffle or Cooler crammed with what you and your family need to last 72 hours. It sits close to one of the exits to your home in case the disaster scenario requires you to get out in a hurry. The truly prepared (or terminally paranoid) have a second BOB in the car and another at the Office.

Type "Bug Out Bag" into Google or Youtube and you'll find thousands of kits designed by everybody from dour Red Cross instructors to guys who can already hear the Black Helicopters thudding in the distance.

The best place to get the advice that applies to you, however, can be found at where you can design both an Emergency Kit and a Disaster Plan based on your own particular situation.

Once you've got your kit and your plan, you'll immediately notice that the tone of TV newscasters grimly relishing some calamity while the text crawl predicts even worse scenarios just won't bother you as much.

And then maybe you can take the subject of survival about as seriously as this guy -- and -- Enjoy your Sunday.

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Rusty James said...

And don't forget to pack some heat!

For when your neighbour has something you want ;)