Saturday, June 11, 2011

Infamous Writers Hockey Pool: Week Nine Ends


Was there ever any doubt?

I mean seriously.

These are two spectacular teams playing absolutely out of their minds. It's the kind of stuff that makes the Hockey Gods recall why they wanted to become Gods in the first place. They're gonna make this last as long as they can.

And that means no matter which side you're rooting for, you need to get out and enjoy it. This is the Hockey Gods gift to you.

Last night, with the sun still high in the sky, parks and baseball diamonds all across British Columbia were filled with people cheering on their team in front of giant video screens.

Nobody in the lower mainland would think twice about seeing a picture like this and calling "Child Services"…


Most in Vancouver simply muttered, "Why didn't I think of that…?". And after the game, 100,000 people partied in the streets.

In Boston, 15 year old girls are getting Tyler Seguin tattoos, literally injecting Bruins colors into their blood, marking themselves as die-hard fans for years to come.

There's something wonderfully tribal about all this. And Main Stream Media, so what if somebody from out of town gets pissed on. Nobody's ending up with their head on a stick or being eaten by the victors.

And we all know that whoever ends up winning will be getting so drunk they'll probably piss all over themselves as well. And smile about it. So let's move on!

And we could start by enjoying the fun in stuff like this…

And this…

And maybe most important, this…

Meanwhile in the Infamous Writers Hockey Pool, I was once again proven prescient (my own selections aside) as one big game shook things up.

Tim Stubinski still leads, with Will Pascoe trading 2nd place to Mark Leiren Young and Carleen Kyle safely huggin' third. But hey, where did Larry Raskin and David Kinahan come from?

Still interesting as we careen into the final week.

Next report follows Game Six.

Will we be crowning winners?

That's for the Hockey Gods to decide.


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