Friday, August 10, 2012

Hotel Whiskey Tango

In the Legion’s ongoing effort to support artists crowd-funding their creations, I direct your attention to “Hotel Whiskey Tango”.

“HWT” is the creation of New Orleans comic book artist Ron Domique. It’s the story of a retired Marine sniper who joins a POW rescue mission and becomes entangled in a global heroin operation.

A classic black ops, CIA, post-Vietnam adventure, it is currently available in digital form from the iBookstore for the iPad.

But now Ron wants to take his creation to a wider audience –- that being those of us who don’t own an iPad or prefer our graphic novels in a more tangible form.

What makes this book-in-waiting unique are the ancillary products it has already spun off. A soundtrack. HWT apparel. Quality art prints. Even a limited edition moleskine for those who want to imagine themselves as Michael Herr, slogging through the jungle, making the notes that will one day be published as “Dispatches”.

That’s one element of crowd-funding that few people acknowledge or address. This isn’t just about one artist funding one creation. It’s about supporting cottage industries that spring up because of them and employ talented people in many fields to both market and augment the primary creative product.

Ron is halfway to realizing his goal with about 2 weeks remaining. Consider making a contribution. A lot of people will be grateful.

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