Friday, November 02, 2012

The Final Installment

No, not from me. Sorry if I got your hopes up.

But somebody far more notable did say good-bye to his own loyal audience yesterday, British DJ Danny Baker.

Baker, a screenwriter, comic and what the BBC likes to call their show hosts, a presenter, for more than 30 years and until yesterday at the helm of a popular gig on BBC Radio London known as “The All Day Breakfast Show”, was fired without notice just before he went on the air.

Said “sacking” also occurred less than a week before Baker will be inducted into the UK’s Radio Hall of Fame.

Since he was done and since nobody in management had even had either the courtesy or courage to tell him to his face, let alone supply a reason for the dismissal; Baker used his final broadcast to unleash a multi-hour rant against the “pinheaded weasels” and out-of-control bean-counters who have taken over not only the BBC but the entertainment industry as a whole.

For anyone who has been fired or even just forced to sit through a meeting with some pencil necked geek more familiar with spreadsheets than what attracts or moves an audience, Baker’s rant is pure gold.

If the Canadian entertainment industry had ten people with half his disdain for those who pretend to “manage” what artists create, it would be a whole different ballgame.

What follows is a thing of beauty. Enjoy.

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