Sunday, September 08, 2013

Lazy Sunday # 289: Agent Provocateur

It’s said that if Love was truly blind, there would be no need for lingerie.

And much as men might appreciate lingerie, it takes a woman to understand what really makes it “work” –- so to speak.

Therefore, while Penelope Cruz (pictured above) in something frilly can get any man’s attention, trust me when I tell you that Senorita Cruz fully clothed but behind the camera writing and directing a lingerie commercial is a force of arousal to be reckoned with.

A partner in the lingerie firm known as “Agent Provocateur”, where her sister is one of the top models, Penelope took it upon herself to direct the introduction to the 2013 Autumn/Winter line.

Chuck your subscriptions to the Victoria’s Secret catalogue right now and thank me later for keeping you warm during the chilly months ahead.

“L’Agent” is Penelope Cruz’s directorial debut. Somebody give her a feature.


And –- Enjoy Your Sunday.


Joe Clark said...

“Any” man’s attention?

DMc said...

That's Joe Clark's attempt to reach out, Jim. Maybe you should engage. It's the first time in years I've seen where he said something that might be contstrued as vaguely funny, and not, "hey look at me, I'm a raging asshole with sociopathic issues."