Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Where Creative People Come From

I never received any formal education as a writer. Just worked hard at learning the craft. As much as anybody, the traditional quip about writers applies to me – “By the time I realized I couldn’t write I was making too much money to quit”.

I think my story applies to a lot of creative people. I’ve seen gym rats who’ve never taken an acting lesson become movie stars. Had friends who ached to play an instrument well eventually turn out a hit record. Hired directors with only a short film that showed promise under their belts.

That’s not to say you can’t learn a ton in theatre school, the Creative Writing department of a university or any Film Institute.

But the slip of paper that comes from any of those places is no measure of either your skill or your creative genius.

So where do the truly creative people really come from?

There’s a lot of food for thought on this from American blogger Matt Walsh. The post I’m linking to deals more with the current student loan crisis in the US. But the points he makes are equally valid in the creative industries.

Well worth the read -– here.

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