Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Direct And To The Point

The primary skill in writing for television is that you need to get right to the point. There’s no time for lolly-gagging, no room for stuff that isn’t important. You only have so many minutes to set the stage, tell your story and make way for the next show.

Viewers make snap decisions about whether or not what the remote just called up is worth their time and mental energy. You don’t grab them or hold them, that button-thumb is jerking and they’re gone.

Understanding that reality better than most, simply because of who they are, the Writers Guild of Canada has produced a three minute video that says everything the soon-to-meet CRTC Commissioners need to know about building a solid future for Canadian television.

Whatever their months of surveys and upcoming days of hearings might suggest, the only element of importance is right here.

Let’s hope –- for once –- they’re paying attention.

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