Sunday, July 05, 2015

Lazy Sunday # 383: Push The Button

water bomber
                                               Photo courtesy Antonio Grambone

You wake up and the sky is yellow.
First thought, “Man, the jaundice is really kicking in. I should not have had that last Margeurita”. Then you flip on CNN to find out if you missed the Sun going Super Nova.
But the sky gets darker and shifts to orange. It’s been dry lately. Everybody’s been praying for rain. But this isn’t overcast.
It’s smoke.
A few miles away a massive forest fire is burning 80% out of control. Homes -– make that small towns -- are being evacuated.
In the distance you can hear the sirens of volunteer fire departments from everywhere nearby hurrying to help.
Time for somebody to “Push the Button”…
So far, they say we’re fine, the wind’s blowing in the other direction. Okay -- then why is the smoke coming this way?
Think I’ll put the cat and the dog in the car and go down to the beach. Just to be careful. And because they like the beach and might pay less attention to how weird the sky has gotten.
I’m sure we’ll be okay. Meanwhile…
Somebody please “Push the Button”.
And Enjoy Your Sunday.


Birgit said...

Oh MY-I hope you will be aok and that your area will be safe. Hope your fur babies are aok to

Anonymous said...

Please give credit to the photographer of the photo above.

This picture was taken two years ago in Italy by Antonio Grambone.