Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lazy Sunday #242: The Divide

The other day, I flipped on an American news channel to get an update on a breaking news story I thought might be better reported there. Forty minutes later, I was still waiting, having sat through a continuous “He said. No, He said.” between those from opposing ends of the political spectrum.

These people have earned a new title this campaign season –- “Surrogates”, which I assume means “Somebody sitting in because we couldn’t get anybody with actual knowledge, insight or the ability to be rational.”

Actually, I find Rolling Stone political reporter Matt Taibbi’s description of them more apt, “obnoxious opinion merchants”.

The way Americans have been going at each other lately, it becomes easier by the day to understand how their Civil War ended up pitting brother against brother. Some are already predicting riots in the street no matter who wins in November.

Hopefully, that’s as deranged as some of the political invective being flung around. But sometimes I wonder how these two sides  are ever going to learn to live together again.

Maybe it’s all just a family argument that sounds a lot more lethal to the neighbors than to those taking part. But it appears I’m not the only one thinking the healing needs to begin right now and the divide chasm needs to narrow.

What follows may well be the strangest Public Service Announcement ever made. But there’s something well worth considering at the heart of it – whether you’re an American or not.

Enjoy Your Sunday.

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