Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lazy Sunday #244: Monster Roll


A few days before Halloween, I start trying to figure out what I’m going to hand out to the visiting ghosts and goblins.

That process has been made simpler in recent years by the arrival of big boxes of single serving packs from the various manufacturers of chocolates, liquorice, gum and potato chips.

It’s also been made more difficult by all the parents and do-gooders insisting they’d rather we shelled out items that are nutritious, sugar free and/or better for the planet.

When I was a kid, the only person in our neighborhood who leaned in that direction was a dentist, who dropped tiny tooth-brushes branded with his office phone number in our goody bags. I was never sure if he was well-meaning or just looking to cash in on our candy jones.

Either way, he didn’t come up with any treats, so somebody always egged his house.

Anyway. My local grocery store had a big pile of the big box options at the front door today. I looked them over and decided to make my choice once I’d done the rest of my shopping.

Then as I walked the aisles, I considered what might be a better option. Y’know, something healthy and good for you but still reflecting the scary fun of the holiday.

Trail Mix? Protein bars? How about Sushi?

What? You don’t think there’s anything scary about Sushi?

Have you not heard of a “Monster Roll”?

Enjoy Your Sunday.

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