Thursday, May 17, 2007

It Ain't Over Til It's Over

I don't think I've ever been in a hockey pool where one player dominated the field for so long. There's usually some ebb and flow, some flukes and dramatic shifts. But it seems that so far Cunningham can do no wrong.

1 Bill Cunningham 140
2 Dave Moses 126
3 Michael Foster 111
4 Will Dixon 108
5 Micah Reid 107
6 Mark Askwith 106
7 John Whaley 102
8 Denis McGrath 100
9 Jim Henshaw 99
10 Larry Raskin 98
11 Juniper 97
12 Mark Farrell 84

But don't give up! Askwith's still sitting there with a full team, some of whom are actually capable of scoring. And DMC has some solid picks remaining too. This isn't done by a long shot. One of these guys could be the Thomas Holmstrom everybody thought was down and out. Sometimes (as all Leafs fans know) a series can turn on one dumb play.

Yes, Cunningham, the hockey Gods can be fickle. Fans went to bed all over Ottawa last night thinking "Oh no, it's starting..." and I have a feeling Rob Neidermeyer is secretly wishing he'd been suspended from tonight's game along with Chris Pronger. "Mr. Neidermeyer, meet Mr. Maltby. He'd like to show you how to throw an elbow without getting caught..."

In other, better news. Canada's National Team went undefeated in the World Hockey Tournament, with Shane Doan making himself an instant folk hero and a lot of grim faced politicians wishing they'd stuck to the job they were elected to do instead of trying to make some political hay by smearing his name.

Wave "Bye-Bye" Jack Layton. That shadow you saw was the long one you're casting as the sun sets on your sorry, duplicitous ass.

For those who missed it, here are the Host German Broadcasters' highlights of the Gold Medal game. You don't need to watch it all, but scoot ahead to the 2:00 minutes remaining marker to witness one of the best goals you might ever see. Rick Nash should be an example to all writers that determination and refusing to give up is what nets you the winners.

And see you next week. Trust me -- this isn't over...


wcdixon said...

Yeah...I'm with you on having never seen a pool have one leader for so long - I dunno...I think its done.

Bill Cunningham said...

"What is good in life?"

To crush my enemies and hear the lamentation of their women.