Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I hit my teens at the same time that The Beatles arrived and have watched endless marketing efforts since, trying to create the next big thing in music. Gosh, from the very first weeks of Beatlemania, the press wanted us to believe they would soon be surpassed by "The Dave Clark Five".

But in all musical incarnations from "The Bay City Rollers" to "Darkness", the pretenders to the next big thing have all lacked one essential element that permeated The Beatles debut -- an infectious sense of fun and excitement.

Today's Globe & Mail has an article about an emerging band who just might have that asset in spades. Playing Ska will make anybody sound fun and exciting, but add the rest of what constitutes Oreskaband and they just might be the wave of the future.


sinnick said...

I love all the Pocky-eating fans.

The Book of Don said...

Yep, you're dead on. I was a wee laddie in Glasgow when "Please Please Me" and "She Loves You" hit BBC One and I still remember dancing around the living room with my mum as she rock and rolled in joy. Britain was a pretty bleak place then. Rationing wasn't lifted until the late 50s...and a poor kid like me didn't eat his first banana until his 10th birthday (really). And strawberries ?? They were as much a dream as Hayley Mills.

Will check out this new band. We could all use a little bit more joy in our lives I think.