Friday, April 17, 2009


Okay, so there's only been one game in each series and the numbers don't mean much yet. But it's Friday report time and who knows if Dixon will be in any shape to post anything Monday after his big weekend in the big smoke.

Fittingly, the first guy who entered the pool is leading. I'm not sure if that means Michael Foster really handicapped this thing and couldn't wait to get started or simply has a better flutter kick than the rest of us. But he's currently the man to beat.

McGrath's frankly bizarre picks have him solidly in second place and guys like me, Martel and Zmak are quietly waiting in the weeds, sipping our morning coffee and knowing our time will come.

I got a very nice letter from David Kinahan to let me know how much fun he's having. Apparently, we've got him hopping out of bed first thing in the morning to check on his picks. So if I've finally done something to wake up a member of the Writers Guild staff my work on this blog may be done.

Have a great weekend watching what already looks like some of the best hockey of the year. Uncle Willis will update you in a few days and I'll probably be reporting the first to fall back here this time next week.

The Current Standings:

1 Michael Foster 15
2 Brian Stockton 14
2 Peter Mitchell 14
2 Denis McGrath 14
2 Barry Keifl 14
6 Mark Wilson 13
6 Moviequill 13
6 Will Pascoe 13
6 Larry Raskin 13
10 David Kinahan 12
10 John Callaghan 12
12 Allan Eastman 11
12 Daryl Davis 11
14 Will Dixon 8
15 Wil Zmak 7
15 Jim Henshaw 7
15 Jeff Martel 7

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