Friday, June 05, 2009


Okay, this thing's goin' Seven!

Even if somebody wins it in six, there needs to be a 7th game on principle! We so deserve another 60 minutes of this kind of sweetness!

Anybody want to talk about the Leafs?


Anybody really care whether another team of losers stays in Phoenix or starts muscling in on the Hockey Night air time up here?

Or could we just have more of these two awesome teams?

I mean, even if you bleed Detroit red, have you ever seen a goal as pretty as this one from last night?

Now that's hockey!

Last weekend it looked like I'd be doing the Pool wrap up today, but it appears those honors will fall to Uncle Willis this season. As he points out, it's a two horse race, with the winner likely only attaining his crown by a point or two.

Will it be the mysterious Moviequill or a repeat for Pascoe? Willis will be posting the final results -- likely from a golf course in Banff.

The standings as the Cup becomes a best of three final:

1 Moviequill 193
2 Will Pascoe 191
3 Mark Wilson 184
4 Michael Foster 182
5 Allan Eastman 175
6 David Kinahan 174
7 John Callaghan 172
8 Peter Mitchell 171
8 Brian Stockton 171
10 Larry Raskin 165
11 Barry Keifl 157
12 Scotty William 138
13 Jeff Martel 137
14 Will Dixon 130
15 Jim Henshaw 124
16 Wil Zmak 123
17 Daryl Davis 101
18 Denis McGrath 71


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Doing OK for a guy whose been away from Canada for 4 years