Saturday, June 13, 2009


Now THAT was some game! I know you Detroit fans needed it to last about five seconds longer. But somebody had to lose and any Red Wing supporter hanging their head after that performance needs to have that head examined.

A Canadian Captain hoists the cup. A Russian kid is MVP and kids and veterans from all over the hockey world finally live their dreams and sip from the Holy Grail of sports trophies.

Admit it, you fought back a couple of tears.

Uncle Willis and I shed a couple of tears too, trying to figure out how to handle this year's "Infamous Writers Hockey Pool". Because for the first time in the short, but storied history of this event...

We have a tie!

Will Pascoe Repeats and Movie Quill picked up the lone point won in last night's contest to lift himself out of 2nd place.

2nd (technically 3rd) place goes to Mark Wilson and 3rd (okay, it's really 4th) was snagged by Michael Foster to close out the podium.

In the Props division, Peter Wildman pulled off the win. But again it was close with Uncle Willis losing by a single point.

The Official Final Standings Are:

1 Moviequill 205
1 Will Pascoe 205
3 Mark Wilson 198
4 Michael Foster 185
5 Allan Eastman 181
6 David Kinahan 180
7 John Callaghan 177
8 Peter Mitchell 176
9 Brian Stockton 172
10 Larry Raskin 170
11 Barry Keifl 159
12 Scotty William 144
13 Jeff Martel 141
14 Will Dixon 135
15 Jim Henshaw 125
16 Wil Zmak 123
17 Daryl Davis 103
18 Denis McGrath 71

Normally what happens now is I get mailing addresses from the winners and we all ship whatever you've determined will be your prize.

And I think we'll still do that, knowing that the honorable members of this contest will either equally divide the gifts they had prepared or find two of something that makes a suitable replacement.

Prizes to Mark, Michael and Peter will be dispatched from the phantom hockey arena located at Legion World Headquarters hidden somewhere in the Great White North.

And Willis and I will be tinkering with the rules over the coming season to make the next playoff contest a little more difficult.

Anyway, Congratulations to all the winners. I hope the rest of you had fun and with adjustments, we'll be back to do it all again next year.

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