Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lazy Sunday # 102: No Limits Baby!

I’m not sure what keeps drawing me back to the Red Bull “No Limits” stunts held each New Year’s Eve.

Perhaps it’s the sheer joy that bleeds (sometimes literally) through these events. Perhaps it’s the imagination and the theatricality.

You know, all those things that you hope with be present in the January “Second Season” of Canadian television, but sadly, somehow never materialize.

According to psychologists, tomorrow is “Blue Monday”, the date in the calendar meticulously calibrated as the moment when we’ve officially reached the depths of Winter and just want something, anything, to rekindle our inner flame and give us a reason to go on.

I believe you can find that spark in a stunt driver named Travis Pastrada and a flying Subaru.

Yeah, he could’ve died. Yeah, it could have all gone horribly wrong and filled the media and blogosphere with yet another excuse to decry the devolution of our culture.

But it didn’t. And it proves that the only way you can truly inspire an audience is by taking real chances and putting everything you are on the line.

Banish the Winter Blues.

Believe that a car can fly.

And Enjoy your Sunday.

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