Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Perogie Fury


At least a half dozen of my Facebook friends got in touch last night with invitations to join one of the groups being formed to protest the recent prorogation of Parliament, “Get government back to work”, “save democracy” etc. Some appended little missives reminding me that Prime Minister Harper was a very dangerous man who frightened them deeply.

A lot of my fellow artists often remind me of those stalkers who truly believe some Hollywood star is secretly in love with them.

Somehow, politicians who have never tossed them any greater support than a distant come hither look and the opportunity to apply for a grant become their only hope for true happiness.

Whatever those politicians say must be true and following their bidding will undoubtedly lead to incalculable bliss.

What they really don’t want to confront is anything that might refract their distorted view of this infatuation back into clear focus.

Let me help.


Here’s what prorogation really means to the running of the country. This is from a guy who covers parliament for a living.

Here’s the reality of the Afghan detainee issue that everybody seems to believe Mr. Harper shuttered Parliament to duck. It comes from the CBC, so you’ll know it isn’t biased.

And here’s what the only political leader with any hope of defeating “The Great Dictator” is up to while the country is spiralling toward disaster and you’re mobilizing to defend the constitution.

Can you not see that you are being played?

It’s apparently very easy for some politicians like Ujjal Dosanjh, the Liberal defence critic and Bob Rae, Liberal leader in waiting, to accuse or imply that Canadian soldiers are committing war crimes. And how they really feel about that can be found here in the pages of the Toronto Star, another media outlet I know you trust.

It’s all very easy for the Premiers of Ontario and Quebec to go to Copenhagen and sign onto the “Canada is a corrupt Petro-State” mantra. But it hasn’t stopped either one from cashing the equalization cheques keeping their provinces afloat that come from Alberta.

They’re all politicians. Junk yard dogs. Part of their job, like Mr. Harper’s, is to spin public opinion in their favor.

But you’re supposed to be an artist. Your job is supposed to be about revealing the truth. Truth that may end up smothered in a safe coating of fiction, oil paint or musical notation – but truth all the same.

Strapping on an explosive vest to do some politician’s bidding is the job of people too ill-informed and without hope to resist. And part of your job as an artist is to provide enlightenment and ignite hope for those that breed of junkyard dog would use.

So vote how you please. Join any group you want. Stand up for what you believe. March in the cold. Whatever makes you happy.

But do your job as an artist first and try to learn what’s really going on.


Anonymous said...

Yep, I got the same bleats from my Facebook peeps. And I ignored them as well, while resisting the urge to ask them "And the last time you voted was....when exactly?". For I know that most of them don't bother, and least not all the time. Some democrats they are...

And, of course, there are all those times those other non-Conservative governments have used similar parliamentary tricks. Remember the Ontario NDP ruling by orders-in-council for the better part of the last year of their reign?

I guess those don't count when you're fighting for democracy from your computer chair.

BTW, in Ontario, McGuinty's Liberals are about to...prorogue the Legislature...

Want to take a bet that there won't be a Facebook page protesting this?

The White Wolf said...

Screw Bob Rae. This gentleman (my local MP) was an effing Astronaut:

I'll be volunteering and I'm laaazy.

Ken said...

I don't disagree, Jim that the opposition's posturing is a matter of the pot calling the kettle black, but that's not the issue. I'm not an opposition MP and I wanted this stuff to be debated in parliament. I wanted this government held to account -like they themselves so often demanded when they were in opposition- for the decisions they make. Politically legal and/or normal or not, this is the second time Harper has slammed the door on discussion so that he can control spin. As I've said before, he seems to only want to serve those entities which contribute dollars to the Conservative cause, and not the country. And otherwise polarize and pounce when the spin feels right. When's he going to govern?