Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lazy Sunday # 114: Chelsea Lately

All guys like to climb into bed with a good lookin’ woman. My own personal bent is good lookin’ women who are also intelligent and funny. That’s why, lately, I’ve been climbing into the sack with Chelsea Lately.


For those who like to curl up with another late night talk show host, all I can say is --- you’re missing one of the quickest and funniest shows on television.

In all the recent fooforah about late night hosts, nobody mentioned the best one in the bunch.

For me, Conan was always hit and miss. Moments of brilliance surrounded by a lot of hyper edginess that never paid off. I gave up on Leno years ago, tired of tired jokes I’d heard in high school being grafted onto the morning paper, often literally.

Dave’s great but the shtick’s getting old and although Craig Ferguson is the best of the bunch, if I’m still awake when he comes on it’s because I’ve got something better to do.

John Stewart and Stephen Colbert offer a different kind of comedy brilliance. But if I haven’t been keeping up with current events or haven’t bought some of the “partisan spin”, I sometimes feel left out.

“Chelsea Lately”, hosted by comedian and actress Chelsea Handler and written by a massive writing room equally staffed by men and women, is just going for laughs, while being about the only thing worth watching on E!.

Like all talk shows, it opens with a monologue. But soon it zips to a panel of comedians commenting on pop culture and moves on to some filmed sketches and a celebrity interview. Ms. Handler’s sidekick throughout, her Ed McMahon or band leader foil, is Mexican midget Chuy Bravo.

Needless to say, the emphasis is not on politics or being anywhere near politically correct.

This morning I’ve added two recent clips to give you a flavor of what goes on. First up is a monologue. To be honest the only one I could find that you’d class SFW. The second interview clip might be less so, but it’s a great example of a Q & A style I can’t imagine any other late night host even daring to contemplate.

It’s also Canadian content, featuring actress Jennifer Love Hewitt…

What? She’s not Canadian! What’re you talking about? The woman’s on CBC 10 hours a week! Name me any other Canadian actor who gets that kind backing from our nationalist to a fault National broadcaster!

Seriously, can you believe the numbnuts running that place, complaining about a $12.5 Million cut to their Canadian show budget when they spend a multiple of that sum on buying low brow American series!

Hey, Mr. Stursberg --- Can I call you Dick? Okay, so Dick, just stop spending taxpayer money in Hollywood and you’ll have even more than you had last year for your shows!

Honestly, it doesn’t have to be this hard!

Here’s Chelsea. Enjoy your Sunday.


Jennifer Love Hewitt

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