Friday, April 23, 2010

Week One Standings: Kovalchuk Shines!

brodeur golf

Hey, look who got an early tee time this morning!

Why it’s Martin Brodeur! Considered the most experienced Goalie in the NHL and this season’s shutout leader.

I wonder if he’s playing with his brother…

Okay – not many of us saw this coming! Five games into the first round of the Playoffs and the vaunted New Jersey Devils are the first to fall – to a team that squeaked in on the final day of the season – in a shootout.

And I’ll bet Martin’s boss isn’t all that happy to have spent umpteen million dollars to rent the League’s most wanted free agent and formerly prolific goal scorer to take them to the Cup final either.

Here’s an exclusive portrait of Ilya Kovalchuk taken during last night’s game. Feel free to download it for your wall of heroes.


Boy, how’d you like to be that guy’s agent this morning? “I know I said $100 Million. But he buffs your car and validates parking now.”

It could have been two teams going down last night, but Ottawa managed to survive a triple overtime and get to Game 6. For all of you guys who picked Sidney Crosby for your pool, I wouldn’t look on that as a loss so much as another night to collect more easy pickin’s. 13 points in 5 games! This guy’s about a month away from changing Wayne Gretzky’s last name to “Who?”

Which brings me to the Western Conference, where Wayne must really be enjoying how well the Phoenix Coyotes are handling Detroit. Here’s a team he nurtured and mentored at the bottom of the league for so many heartbreaking seasons and the minute he stepped away from the bench…Er…

I wonder if Wayne can get a table next to Pete Rose in one of those Vegas “Buy an Autograph” stores? I’m sure Janet wouldn’t mind the change of scenery.

But seriously…

These early games have been great. That Boston – Buffalo game the other night and Game Two between Chicago and Nashville were classics. And when did you ever think you’d hear “Nashville” and “Classic” in the same hockey sentence. Way to go Music City! Something tells me you might be over the hump and here to stay.

It’s too early to start thinking we might see a Phoenix-Nashville Western final. And while it wouldn’t play well in Winnipeg and Hamilton, it would be great for the game.

Also playing a great game are Larry Raskin and Mike Foster, sharing the lead for the first pool report. Still early days and you guys near the bottom don’t need to give up yet. If Vancouver or Detroit continue to stumble, fortunes could be quickly reversed.

We might know how some of that shakes out by Monday when a flu-ravaged (make that epically hung over)  Uncle Willis should be back to give you the next update. Until then, Good luck and keep enjoying the best part of the season!

The Infamous Writers Pool Standings as of this morning:

pool stand 1


The White Wolf said...


I picked Brodeur over Niemi based solely on Marty's season shut-out record. D'oh!

Michael F said...

I picked Niemi and Brodeur. Thankfully Niemi is getting enough shutouts for both of them.

There have been some great games so far this year. San Jose and Colorado has been a fun series too. Anderson was looking like a god till last night.

Poor Vancouver and their decimated defence. If you can skate backwards you could probably get a job on the team at this point.