Sunday, January 09, 2011

Lazy Sunday # 153: Episodes

I brought the curtain down on 2010 by listing all the TV shows I'd actually, faithfully watched through last year. Some of those aren't coming back, so I need new ones and I have a strong feeling that "Episodes" will be one of them.

"Episodes" debuts on Showtime tonight and a day later on some Canadian network that doesn't have enough of a commitment to Canadian artists (or maybe just the brains or talent) to do something original of their own.

Just kidding, TMN! Love ya, Babe! Next month's cheque is in the mail.


But in a way, that's what "Episodes" is about. The lack of creativity and commitment that causes a Hollywood producer to remake a hit British television series for an American audience.

All the critics already raving about "Episodes" have hedged their bets in case they've got another "Lone Star" on their hands by pointing out that sometimes that works ("The Office") and sometimes it doesn't ("Coupling").

But wait -- "Episodes" isn't a British TV series now being remade by Americans. It's about a FICTIONAL British TV series being remade by FICTIONAL Americans.

Except, if you've ever worked with Americans in the TV business, they are incredibly accurately portrayed and the cast includes Matt LeBlanc playing himself.

Maybe that's what got the critics confused.

Or maybe the collapse of print media and the resultant thinning ranks of TV scribes means most of them are already working second jobs and sleep deprived.

Whatever the reason, I'm here to suggest you make room in your life for "Episodes" because it works -- and it's very, very funny!

Here's a taste. Enjoy your Sunday.

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Brandon Laraby said...

Looks interesting!

I'll put it on my list ;)