Sunday, January 02, 2011

Lazy Sunday #152: Launching Another One


I was more than happy to see 2010 skulk out of my life.

I'm certain it was a terrific year for some and just as certain that many dealt with issues far tougher than any I had to put up with.

But for me it just held the loss of too many close friends, a couple of beloved projects stalled and other stuff that makes life less than a pleasure.

Yet, as I waited for 2011 to appear, I also looked forward to the Red Bull No Limits New Year's Eve Extravaganza.

That's been featured here at the Legion the last couple of years. And I wondered just what made me gravitate to that event instead of frigid outdoor rock concerts, dropping balls or noisemakers and party hats as my symbolic turning of the page.

Just what did watching some guy I didn't know risk his life trying to plant a motorcycle on a Vegas casino roof or fly a car across a California harbor mean in the grand scheme of things?

If they failed it would have been awful to witness live. And even when they succeeded the thrill was kinda cool but very fleeting.

And then I realized that those jumps symbolized the great leap we all take every New Year's Eve.

Many of us make resolutions to get rid of bad habits or somehow become a better person. When I've done that, I found I either succeeded or I failed.

Sometimes the successes happened quickly and then I was left wondering what to do for the rest of the year beyond being a little smug about myself.

Sometimes the failures were just as quickly obvious, but they could be rationalized until the next New Year's Eve -- because -- y'know -- there's always a chance...

Eventually, I realized that even when I changed a few things, me and my life didn't really change that much as a result.

Unlike characters in scripts, I don't think most people change. I've yet to meet a scumbag who Ebenezer Scrooged his life around. And I also don't know a single George Bailey who allowed events to drive him to debauchery.

In the same way, I'd never seen any of the adrenaline addicted daredevils Red Bull trots out every New Year change because of their accomplishments.

Whether it's nurture or nature, I think we all stay pretty much who we are. Maybe thinner, less prone to profanity or better at phoning our Moms from time to time. But mostly we go through life as the same basic person we've always been.

Although -- once in a while -- we allow ourselves to do something extraordinary.

And that's what "Red Bull No Limits" combined with the New Year means to me -- it's a reminder to make this the year you do something "extraordinary".

I'm sure that word means something different to each of you and that's just fine. All I'm suggesting is that when we get around to next January, whether you've stopped smoking or done a great job recycling your garbage should take a back seat to one moment -- just one -- where you did something you and/or everybody you know never expected you to do.

And while, like everybody else, I hope your 2011 is happy and prosperous, I also hope it brings you a good measure of Mercy and Justice and at least one moment you had never before imagined happening.

This year's Red Bull Daredevil, Levi LaVallee, was robbed of his extraordinary moment by a practice crash on the day of the stunt.

But he's out of hospital and it probably won't be much longer before it officially arrives. Because the truth is -- he already had it in practice.

Have a very special 2011! And Enjoy your Sunday.

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jozien said...

hi, i found you on artsnet in Whitehorse, i don't know what about, but hey i like what you write about changing. and because you had that u-tube video on, i got to have a moment with my son, watching it together, we are neighbors of Ross Mercer.
anyway thanks!