Friday, May 06, 2011

Infamous Writers Hockey Pool: Week Four Standings


While the rest of us were consumed with elections and Royal Weddings and keeping up a regular work schedule despite overtime sleep deprivation, it looks like Uncle Willis made it to a Predators game.

And it also looks like we finally know one of the reasons Nashville doesn't have trouble filling its arena anymore.

Because it sure isn't by playing firewagon hockey!

Whew, is that Nashville/Vancouver series boring to watch or what?

But it looks like it will be mercifully over soon. And the same might be said for the other playoff series as well. Washington's done. Detroit and Philadelphia haven't won a game. The whole second round could be over by the time the next report rolls around on Monday.

And then maybe we can get back to Major League Sports entertainment.


Although it appears the NHL kinda prefers that fans don't really enjoy the games. First, there's all those big names not playing because of head hits. And now there's a move afoot to eliminate Vancouver's notorious "Green Men" from performing their penalty box antics.

The "make the fans sit down and shut up" campaign is led by Hockey Night in Canada's own Glenn Healy, who, speaking from personal experience, did a fine job of taking his own fans out of the game on a regular basis when he played goal for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Now Glenn says "It's about the game, it's about the players, it's not about guys doing handstands. The league's looked into it and they're going to make some amends."

Y'know, you look at CBC's dismal record of entertaining its audiences lately, and you start to realize why a guy with Glenn's attitude probably fits in really well around there.

But if I was going to Saturday Night's game in Vancouver, I know I wouldn't be showing up in blue or white. Any Van Fans who get my meaning might want to check out the selection available here.

green suits

Meanwhile -- back at the Infamous Writers hockey Pool:

Pascoe, Stubinski and House maintain their top three status. But the rest of us are moving around like crazy. Things should begin to shake out and focus by Monday when we check the stats again.


Oh, and a reminder that I've only gotten two entries for the "Hirsute Pursuit". And while I'm not sure if drawing mustaches on pictures of other writers you don't like qualifies, it just might be good enough to take home some booty.

Entries open until Round Two is history.

And before the Green Men are history, here's a little of what made them famous.

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Rusty James said...

Nice one on Healy. He sure must be a miserable SOB.

And I guess I got the Tampa Bay one wrong.