Friday, May 20, 2011

Infamous Writers Hockey Pool: Week Six Standings


Well, they couldn't pull the clip off youtube fast enough. CBC immediately removed it from their online repeats of the game -- and apologized. Apparently some "in-house" camera over which they had absolutely no control.

And both the Canucks and the NHL issued statements "appreciating" fan enthusiasm -- but hoping it would be displayed more "appropriately" in future.

Gawd, it's the playoffs! Get over it and enjoy the fun!!!

As far as I'm concerned the young lady in question was merely reminding a dim-wit knuckle-dragger like Ben Eager, in terms he might understand, that Vancouver now has TWO and his team don't have ANY!

That could change in San Jose tonight, but I wouldn't count on it. Eager's complete meltdown and Patrick Marleau dropping the gloves are all the proof you need that the Sharks have run out of ideas and are now fighting not only a better opponent but their own long history of playoff choke-fests.

Joe Thornton, ask for a trade. You might've taken the rap for this organization for too long.

Across the continent, Boston has returned with avengeance, although it seems not as many viewers are watching those games. Could it be that "Canada's team" are winning over some of the opposition fans…?


Although this guy better be careful. The NHL is already asking a Montreal bar owner to give them $89,000 for hanging a Montreal sweater in his joint under a banner saying "Go Habs Go". And he's messing with TWO registered trademarks.

Who knows what the NY Office has in mind for these guys -- rooting for an NHL team that (according to the League) doesn't even exist.

jets original

Sigh. Can you imagine what hockey will be like once the corporations, marketing execs and lawyers COMPLETELY own it?

Arenas so quiet (and empty) that you can get some reading done during the game. Designer sweaters that change every season to maximize that revenue stream. "Hockey Night in Canada" with endless features about kids on frozen country ponds while Dan Hill sings in the background…

But by that time, those of us who just want to have fun will all be watching Lingerie Football instead!

Won't we?

news lingerie football 281109

Or --

Spending more time checking out our Pool Standings. Where…

Tim Stubinski has jumped to a commanding lead (based mostly on last night's Boston shutout, but still). Will Pascoe, in Second, is hoping his Lightning begin to strike back. And down in Third, Alex House is beginning to wonder why he found Joe Thornton so fetching to begin with.

And me -- 54 points back -- is thinking I maybe need to get back in the edit suite.

More Monday -- after a lot more great hockey and hopefully a lot less from guys in suits who think they need to run things.

Game On!


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