Sunday, July 03, 2011

Lazy Sunday # 176: Ssshhhhhhhhhh…


Summer brings a lot of big movies to theatres. Movies with big stars and big explosions. And for the most part, Summer movie fare doesn't spend a lot of time telling complex stories or fleshing out multi-dimensional characters.

But you still have to pay attention or you'll miss something.

And that's a problem.

Because Summer movies also attract big crowds. And the basic rule of thumb for big crowds seems to be -- the more people you have in one place, the greater the chance some of them will be morons.

I don't know why people talk during movies. I mean, people in the audience. People talking on the screen kinda comes with the territory.

But they do. And now they phone. And text. And update their facebook status and send tweets.

"I'm twenty minutes into Transformers 3 and still no Megan Fox! WTF???"

Most theatres make symbolic efforts at curtailing these practices. But they know anybody who really wants to enjoy a film in its totality has already installed a home theatre and pre-ordered the DVD from Amazon.

And no pimply-faced first timer in the job market usher is going to risk having to go get his braces readjusted by getting in the face of somebody who probably rolled somebody for their iPhone just so guys like me can attempt to willingly suspend our disbelief.

Except for one place…

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin, Texas.

Talk or get on your smart phone there and you won't be coming back.

And they mean it.

Enjoy Your Sunday.

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Paul said...

I love this so very much. Nice to weed out the morons!