Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lazy Sunday # 180: Small Things Amuse Small Minds

things that entertain me

I admit to being way too ticklish.

I also apparently have a funny bone embedded too close to the surface. Even in the most dour situations, I seem to be able to find something to giggle about.

If that's a sign of immaturity or insensitivity, so be it. If it means you can't risk leaving me alone with people I should be trying to impress or who feel they're deserving of a certain modicum of respect, I understand your trepidations.

I'm sorry, I just find a lot of things funny and/or just can't take them as seriously as I'm supposed to do.

I've been elbowed in the ribs by too many dates for laughing at the wrong places in a movie -- or for laughing too hard at the right ones. And I've been accused of finding humor in things which are inappropriate, juvenile and tasteless.

Yep, that pretty much nails me.

So, of course, I need to provide a few examples.

Many of you may not find what follows funny. But I'm guessing more than a few will fight back a grin, stifle a chortle or just bust loose.

When it comes right down to it, there's just a whole lot in life that is just plain silly. And embracing the silly is much more fun than getting all judgmental about it.

Just another way to -- Enjoy Your Sunday.


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John McFetridge said...

So, The Sheepdogs on the cover of Rolling Stone, very cool.

And their music is really good.