Sunday, September 04, 2011

Lazy Sunday # 185: The Wheel Of Death

We all take pride at doing something really well. Even if it isn't a really big thing, it gives you a deep sense of satisfaction. I'm personally in awe of people like surgeons and sharp as a tack lawyers, or cops who solve murders.

But I also get a thrill seeing somebody parallel park in like three seconds using one hand and not even glancing in the rear view.

That shit just impresses the hell outta me.

But I can't imagine having the kind of confidence and poise that allows you to literally risk your life every night of the week and twice on Matinee days -- just to entertain people.

That takes a level of commitment few in this business even come close to making.

But here are two guys who do just that.

May they leave you in awe.

Enjoy Your Sunday.

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