Saturday, November 26, 2011

Drawing On Your Creativity

sheepdog in rain

It’s raining where I am today. In fact it’s raining really hard.

So hard the dog took one look at all the wet, turned around on the porch and backed up just enough to tinkle without getting more than her butt soaked.

Then she shuffled back inside, content to sit out the rest of the day – but not be happy about it.

When I was a kid and pissed off because it was raining too hard to go outside, my mom would plop my ass down at the kitchen table with a big newsprint drawing pad and instructions to “amuse” myself.

So I did. And, in the process, discovered how much I could amuse both myself and others.

Sometimes I think that’s all creativity really is, finding a way to make yourself and others happy in the face of realities attempting to prevent you from doing that.

Can’t get a network to listen to your pitch? Can’t find financing? Can’t get anyone to help you realize your vision?

There’s always a way. Perhaps one that doesn’t depend on attracting star talent, having money or even much skill.

You just have to be a little more creative.

Creative in the face of rejection by all the powers that be.

Creativity that will get you through, no matter how long the rejection and the rain go on. Because sometimes, the longer you’re rejected and the longer it rains, the more creative you become. 

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