Friday, December 09, 2011

How Does That Go Again…?


‘Tis the season when people gather for Christmas parties, office holiday get-togethers and roam the malls dressed in Charles Dickens hand-me-downs, all singing the traditional songs of the season.

And there’s not much worse than launching into one of your favorites and realizing you’re belting out Mariah Carey’s version while everybody else knows the real words.

Therefore, please click the link below to find your own downloadable and printable (PDF format) song book of Christmas classics.

No more “Jeff’s nuts roasting on an open fire” or “Get dressed you married gentlemen”. Now you’ll be doing the lines as written.

And isn’t that what a lot of screenwriters wish for at Christmas?

h/t The Sagacious Iconoclast


Anonymous said...

No. Just. No.

Vitruvius said...

I'm glad you found my Christmas Carol Song Sheets useful, Jim. Please feel free to visit The Sagacious Iconoclast for other collections and essays you may be interested in.