Thursday, December 08, 2011

Not So Little Drummer Boy

Winnipeg and Manitoba have a long and storied history of spawning some of Canada’s greatest musicians.

From Chad Allen & The Expressions (aka “The Guess Who”) to the legendary Lenny Breau, through “Bachman Turner Overdrive” and “Red Rider” to the “Crash Test Dummies”, Chantal Kreviazuk and Susan Aglukark – it’s been one mid-country hit after another.

Am I the only guy who still remembers “Gettysbyrg Address”?

Well, the music hasn’t stopped.

Get into the Christmas spirit with Winnipeg’s new “Golden Boy” Sean Quigley, a high school kid with a monster Christmas hit on his hands – hands which are somewhat magical when it comes to drumming.

Bing and Ziggy never sounded this good…

You can download a copy of Sean’s updated Christmas carol here.


Cheryl said...

Thanks for that! Nice to see/hear new talent. :)

Mark Farrell said...

Wow, amazing, thanks for posting!