Friday, July 27, 2012

The One Assault Weapon We Must Not Ban


While the point of my latest ongoing web series was to promote movies, books and other creative endeavors in need of crowd funding, today’s offering blew me away…

Come Summer I take as much of my creative activity as I can outdoors. Most of the year, I actually don’t mind sitting alone in a drafty garret lit only by the glow of a computer screen. But when it’s nice out, I want to be out too.

So I move the computer to the deck or the patio and work there. Which brings me into contact with a work related hazard nobody can ignore –- bugs.

There just isn’t any way to avoid the constant irritation as flies, yellow jackets and wasps take an interest. It’s nature’s way of replicating the network execs who’ll be annoying you once the damn thing’s written.

And there’s no way of getting them to go away that doesn’t make you or your work space reek of some kind of toxicity.

Until now…

Santa Monica artist Lorenzo Maggiore must have been inspired by being similarly afflicted. And he appears to be a much more humane person than those of us who slam heavy objects on the pesky interlopers or drown them in a steady stream of Raid.

He invented an assault rifle that kills bugs.

The Bug-A-Salt is high tech weaponry that dispatches bugs with a tiny, lethal blast of salt, leaving them not only dead, but slime free for disposal. And all without the collateral damage of poisoning your pets or the rest of your surrounding ecosystem.

And now –- through the power of crowd funding -- you can help him bring this wonder to the world, and especially me, who could use one oh soooooo bad as I type this and a Senior VP of Development just won’t stop buzzing around my head.

As of this morning, Lorenzo has raised more than $152,000 or 10X his original goal, with six weeks left to contribute.

Which doesn’t mean you should shrug “Why bother?”. It means you should send him some cash at anything from the $40 “Lone Gunman” entry level which will get you your own prototype to contributions that could make you a major arms dealer.

Because the more money he gets, the faster this thing gets into our hands. And with one of these, each of us could become a Lord of the Flies!

Contribute to Lorenzo here. And here’s his astonishingly inspired invention in operational mode.

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JPilot said...

I bought a "Zap-it" racket at Canadian Tire. I swat the wasps and other pesky insects without using toxic fumes and I get some exercise as well. Eating outside is a real pleasure now.